CHEZ BIX 的鵝黃色外包裝,上頭印著一隻戴著西南法傳統貝雷帽(Béret),


將 Chez Bix 致力於「追求產出完美比例的香腸」的理念完整呈現,

由來自法國的 Bix,以及台灣伴侶 Jenny 於2011年共同創立,



Chez Bix Handmade Sausage 畢可思法式手工香腸

CHEZ BIX手工香腸因其多汁和豐富的肉味且不含防腐劑而聞名,其以最簡單的方式將西方經典小吃介紹給您的味蕾。




                                                                                                                                                                                              CHEZ BIX.   since 2011~  


Chez Bix traditional handmade sausage has been crafted to introduce your taste buds to great western classics in the simplest possible way.

When Bix first moved to Taiwan after long travels around the world, he realized that the people in Taiwan shared a great liking for sausages with his   

countrymen in the south of France.

He made a decision to bring to Taiwan one of his most loved culinary inventions from his country: the Charcuterie, a traditional method of preparing

meat products.

He returned to France with a mission to learn the art of meat processing from the best butchers and sausage makers of his homeland and share his

edible creations with the people of Taiwan. After a comprehensive tutelage he returned and obtained a small-batch sausage production facility.

Today, Chez Bix produces and ships some of the best specialty sausage to customers across the island of Taiwan. All sausages are created using

traditional European methods and integrate only the finest quality, CAS certified, fresh ingredients. Recognized for being juicy and for their rich meaty

flavor, the sausages are great as standalone snacks or as featured entrees along your favorite dishes. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                  CHEZ BIX.   since 2011~